Hi I’m Matt. I've always been a learner, ENTP (if you are a Jung fan), investigator and questioner. Accepting that I am a lifelong learner has led me deeper down the rabbit hole, investigating philosophy, psychology and a new meta: learning about learning. How do I become a better learner, how does technology fit into learning? etc

LearnLabs started as a YC Startup School project in 2018 questioning how we learn, why universities can be so outdated / impractical and the trying to solve the endless question: "which course should I take next?" as I scrabbled through lists of courses I wish I could take, or download into my mind as if I was in the Matrix.

The original LearnLab idea fell to the side as I returned to university, but the question have continued to haunt me until now when I decided to start a blog about it.

LearnLabs has become my umbrella name / brand for my experiments including some project in Machine Learning. For now this blog is space for me to discuss and experiment with learning tools and techniques.

I haven't decided if the original LearnLabs will ever see the light of day, but through this blog I hope to use it as a platform to start the discussion of how to learn better.