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Rounding the reMarkable Icon

Rounding the reMarkable Icon
Photo by Claudio Schwarz / Unsplash

I've been waiting a couple of weeks for my reMarkable 2 to arrive.

The reMarkable 2 is an e-ink tablet with a focus on writing, drawing, reading etc. I got it as a means to try out a slightly more digital / never ending notebook for bullet journalling and morning pages.

It's been 3 days, and I love it – plus they provide a 30 day guarantee, so I'll see how I feel towards the end of that time.

This post isn't even about the product – I'm sure I'll dive into it properly later or once I have my YouTube up and running.

This is what I've come to fix...

Ouch those edges look sharp...

Heads up, if you haven't already guessed from the title this is a super niche post, macOS users who own reMarkable tablets and use the utility app...

Since Big Sur came out these rounded app icons have become the norm. Once you've got a dock full of them anything that isn't a rounded square looks odd and out of place.

This doesn't really need to be a blog post but I've fixed it and documented it here in case anyone else is as bugged by it as me:

Much better...


Adding the Icon

It's super simple

  1. Download the .icns file I made here

2. Find where reMarkable was installed on your device (likely /Applications).

 Or if reMarkable is on your dock, right-click > Options > Show in Finder

3. Right click the .app and Get Info

4. Drag the remarkable.icns file over the top right icon in the Info pane:

Relaunch the app and balance has been restored in the universe.

Removing the Icon

To remove select the icon and hit the delete key and the icon will be removed:

Super simple – I'm tempted to make an alt icon set for the app so people can add a little bit more flair to their dock. If you are interested subscribe and ping me a message / tweet!